If Your Vehicle Was Illegally Towed

If your vehicle was illegally towed, it wasn’t us…

Buzz’s Towing Service in Colorado Springs doesn’t tow illegally parked vehicle, but we will give you some advice if your vehicle was illegally towed. A lot of the rules and regulations are enforced at a state, city, or county level. We are not lawyers, but we are in the towing industry. This is advice on what to do if you believe your car was illegally towed.

Here’s some tips if your vehicle was illegally towed:

  1. If your vehicle was illegally towed don’t try and play hero! If your vehicle was illegally towed, you are the victim. As these circumstances may really piss you off, aggression will only make matters worse. Try and solve the dispute without violence, if you must get the local authorities involved. They aren’t lawyers either, but can help keep the peace.
  2. Call the local authorities if your car was illegally towed. They will be able to tell you if your car has been towed, not stolen. They will also be able to give you the towing companies contact information. Once again don’t expect them to do much. You may have better luck with calling a local news company. Being pressured with the bad PR may be enough for them to release your vehicle.
  3. If your car has been illegally towed by a towing predator, you may want to contact your states attorney generals office. They are heavily involved in scams by local businesses. They have been involved in the locksmith scams, and this could very well catch their attention. This may also help if the towing company has been reported to the attorney generals office numerous times.
  4. Make them show proof. The predatory towing company should take pictures of the illegally parked vehicle. If the vehicle is illegally parked in a apartment complex or parking lot, the towing company must have a signed document stating it is ok to tow your vehicle. Make sure that the towing company followed all of rules and regulations. The document needs to be signed by an authority around the property. Example: A towing company can’t tow vehicles they’re not authorized to. If your H.O.A. wants your Chevy Cavalier moved from the street, they have the authority to. Now, the towing company can’t call for back up, and tow all the other vehicles parked on the street.

Illegally towed vehicle bring those companies big money…

Predatory towing is the real deal these days. These companies don’t care who you are, they want your money, or you car. We will be compiling a list of laws by state, and this may be a grueling process. Bare with us as we try to bring you the best information to help you against these types of companies. This is a lucrative business for them, and many local law enforcement agencies call them “rogue towing companies.” We have been towing Colorado Springs Residents for over 35 years, and have never towed illegally parked vehicles.

I recently read a story about an illegally towed vehicle, and the couple fought back by calling the news. This all happened in Denver, CO. As the couple did their research they discovered that their car had actually been illegally towed.

Buzz’s Towing service is going to do all it can to help you if your car was illegally towed.

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