Could a Tow Truck Driver survive a Zombie Outbreak?

zombie outbreak


First,¬†this post is purely for entertainment, and does not represent the beliefs of Buzz’s Towing even though it’s posted on our site. Now that that’s out of the way, Could a Tow Truck driver survive¬†a zombie outbreak? With all of the tools that tow truck drivers carry, I would have to say it’s possible.

In the zombie survival guide by Max Brooks he says, “The best weapon is one that doesn’t need to be re-loaded.” Almost every tow truck carries J-hooks which could be very effective in fighting hordes of the undead. Keep in mind that this is purely for entertainment. Now, a J-hook is attached to a chain, and used to secure the vehicle. These are most commonly found on flatbed tow trucks. A tow truck driver could swing this over his head creating distance between him and the rising dead, or be used in close combat. A J-hook could be extremely effective and would have to be my number one choice in tow truck driver survival tools.

Most tow trucks on the road today carry hammers, screw drivers, wrenches, and other hand tools. These are all great close combat tools, but I’m not looking to hug a zombie. In masses the undead would take serious athletic ability to conquer with blunt objects like hand tools, and while I know a few that could handle this, most of the tow truck drivers I’ve seen aren’t athletic. So, how would the non-athletic survive?

Survival in any situation comes down to two things:

  1. Willingness to survive
  2. Ingenuity

If you don’t contain these to attributes, I really don’t think you’ll stand a chance. You have to want to survive, and deep down contain that drive to stay alive. The world would become a very different landscape that I’m sure many of the world is not prepared for. Are you prepared to want to live, and to want to survive for a greater cause? How much drive to you have? Second, could you find shelter, food, safety, and warmth in the aftermath. Most people know how to make cookies, but making fire without matches is a different story.

So, could a tow truck driver survive a zombie outbreak? I think it would depend on the person. They carry some tools on their trucks that would make great weapons for fighting the undead, and could cause havok on hordes of zombies…


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