Are You Ready For Cold Weather Driving?

Cold weather comes every year for most of the United States, and for some states more than others.

Cold weather driving can be stressful

on a lot of the older vehicles on the road that don’t have the technology that new cars contain. Ice snow, and other extreme winter weather can cause the roads to become hazardous due to ice and snow.

As fall will soon come to a close, and the Colorado ski resorts start pumping out snow, have your mechanic check some of the following on your vehicle.

This will help you prepare for cold weather driving!

Have your mechanic check the heating system. Driving in extreme weather conditions can be dangerous, and especially if your cold. Cold joints and muscles can slow reaction time as muscles tighten. Windows can become frozen, and without your vehicles heating system working properly this can become extremely dangerous.

Check your battery to make sure that your battery is working properly. If you battery has corrosion on the terminals this can be the cause of a bad cell. As the battery heats up, gasses excape and cause the terminals to corrode. Most of the hydrogen gas does not escape from under the hood, and has time to corrode the terminals. You need all of the cells to work properly as starting your vehicle in cold weather conditions is a very heavy drain on the battery. You can clean the battery teminals with water and baking soda, coke, or a battery terminal solution from and autoparts store. We would suggest that you just replace the battery, because a leak can cause a week cell in the battery.

Make sure that your wind shield wipers are working properly, and that your vehicles windshield washer fluid resorvior is full of regular washer fluid, or you can get a mixture that contains de-icer. Your windshield wipers will be brushing away a lot of snow, water, and ice, so it’s important to check to make sure they’re working properly. It would be a good idea to keep an emergency bottle of windshield wiper fluid in your car, you may be using it a lot to keep you windshield clean when driving on wet roads.

Your coolant system should be flushed every two years. Antifreeze can stop you vehicles engine from freezing in weather of about 30 to 40 degrees below zero.

Check with a local tire shop that you trust to make sure your winter radials have enough tred left on your tires to make it through the winter season. While all season radials are a good choice, we would suggest getting a pair of winter tires for areas of the United States that see a large amount of snow fall. All season radial tires will not give you the same performance that a good set of winter tires would in ice and snow conditions. Winter tires tend to have a more blocked edge, and that’s where they get their traction.

Remember to fully clean your vehicles windows of all snow and ice before starting your trip. There are also certain items to keep in your vehicle during the winter. Remember Drive the speed limit and drive safe!

The next thing you need is a cold weather driving emergency kit.

Items to have in your winter driving emergency kit:

Snow Scraper. We suggest having a snow scraper with a snow brush on the end. This will allow you to scrape off the ice and also allow you to brush off the snow with minimum effort.

Having some De-icer in your vehicle will allow you to spread it on the road in the event you become stuck.

Blankets are a necessity when driving in winter conditions. In the event that you become stuck or stranded, having warm blankets could mean life or death.

A small first aid kit for accidents.

Jumper or Booster Cables could come in handy if your battery doesn’t have enough of a charge to start your vehicle. Jumper Cables can also allow you to help someone else out in the event they don’t have Booster Cables.

A small tool kit with a flashlight is extremely handy to have in the event of a break down.

Extra water is a must. Your body can survive for days, weeks, and even months without food, but it won’t last long without being hydrated. In the event you become stranded for a long period, you can pull a Bear Grylls and drink your own urine. Now, we are not suggesting that you do this, but in extreme situations, it can mean life or death. Be carefull in this cold weather driving season.

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