Baby Towed Away With A Car

We’ve been hearing a lot of towing scams in the news lately, and with the economy not turning anytime soon you will see more and more good towing companies go bad. A lot more towing companies will start towing illegally parked (or just say they were illegally parked) cars in order to make ends meet. For Your own sake take the time and make sure that the company your dealing with is insured, and tells you the rate up front. And please check for signs and painted curbs before you decide to park your car, or it might be gone when you come outside. Checking on the current news in the towing scams we came across this interesting story in Denver, Colorado of a baby towed away with a car that was illegally parked. Now the report does not say if charges were filed, this is one of the main reasons you will never see Buzz’s Towing tow without the owners permission. Check out the story and let us know what you think.

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