my car was illegally towed

If you think your car was illegally towed

from an apartment complex, parking lot, or off of the side of the road then you should contact your states Public Utilities Commission. The P.U.C. for Colorado Can be reached here.

Scammers are in every industry, it’s just a fact we must live with. As we make tools to make it harder for them we just engineer smarter scammers. Towing scammers have no intention to tow your vehicle, they just want the money to release your car. I can almost guarantee that if you come out to find your car or truck in the process of being towed, and it has every right to be there, threaten to contact P.U.C. and any tow truck driver that’s ran into these guys will let you go. Report them anyway, you’ll be saving a neighbor.

The public utilities commission for the state of Colorado doesn’t mess around. I’ve heard stories about how these guys are worse than the I.R.S.

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Illegally towed cars is becoming a great cash source for scammers.

Most of us depend on our cars every day, and we may park in one parking lot and walk through another to go to a store because there was no parking. This is perfect for them, because they watch you do this. When you come out of the store your supposed to find them hooking your car to the tow truck. THEY DON”T WANT TO TOW IT! The towing scammers are prepared for the conflict, but they know that you’ll pay to get the car released, because the charges will only get higher if you don’t.

What you should do if you think your car’s illegally towed.

If your think your car was illegally towed then contact your states Public Utilites Commission. In the state of Colorado every “for hire” towing company must have a P.U.C. number. Like I said before illegally towed vehicles is a cash cow to scammers that prey on the unsuspecting consumers. Most towing┬ácompanies don’t operate like this, and this article is designed to inform consumers of what scammers are up to.

Do your research to make sure that all guidelines were followed by the towing company if your car was towed. A little note “All illegally parked cars must have a waiver signed by the property manager, or owner. Otherwise your car may have been illegally towed.”

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